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Living Out Your List with ROGER WILLIAMS

May 20, 2022 Tiffany Barnes Season 4 Episode 101
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Living Out Your List with ROGER WILLIAMS
Show Notes

Roger is a Seattle native and has joined the life of a nomadic traveler for an adult gap year. He decided to take a year off to travel to find and fulfill how he wanted to live his life. Currently, he is in Italy and is a writer, fellow podcaster, and adventurer; and he loves to cross-off items from his bucket list. 

Roger is keen on spreading the message about the importance of finding your self-worth focused on who you are as a person. This decision came about after a heart attack during quarantine, which gave him the chance to reflect on his life "and put a reset in."

Finding your self-worth is a process of looking at the 168 hours in a week and seeing if the hours we spend in our activities reflect and share our value as a person. "There's almost a societal pressure that you're expected to find self-worth in your job." In addition, many people in society have accepted that certain professions are underpaid, overworked, and devalued - all of which have been accepted in our social fabric.

As a teacher, he was often told that he was doing this job for the kids. "At some level, it's extremely abusive." Selling your labor is OK, but it should never be acceptable to give away your worth or value in exchange for money.

The remaining 70 hours a week that you have to utilize after sleep and work needs to be time spent doing activities for what you can be known. After his heart attack, he decided to be the person known for how to cross off items on a bucket list. "What I really want to be known for is how I live my life and who I integrate into that space with."

Listen in to discover how he came up with his bucket list of activities that brought him joy, how he is maximizing what he can do for himself using his own labor, and why he has refused to live up to other's expectations of how he can live his life with a regular 9 to 5 job.

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