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Reprogramming Your Brain with Cereset with CARL BOWCUT

June 03, 2022 Tiffany Barnes/CARL BOWCUT Season 4 Episode 103
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Reprogramming Your Brain with Cereset with CARL BOWCUT
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Carl Bowcut from Orem, UT. Carl has degrees in both Psychology and Education and was an educator in the LDS church for 33 years. He’s a father of 6 and a grandfather to 14 and is here to share information about his and his family’s experience with balancing the brain using Cereset.

Exploring Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

Carl believes in speaking loud about mental illness. His wife has shown him that even high functioning individuals from stable backgrounds can suffer from anxiety or depression. Her questions of “Am I good enough?” and “Can I do this well enough?” have opened his eyes to mental illness, a topic that was much less talked about when they were growing up. 

Carl always remained supportive of his wife, but in his words, “Spouses are terrible therapists.” Despite having the constant support of her husband and family, Carl’s wife knew that there was still something missing in her journey with depression and anxiety. Many people suffering emotionally and mentally may assume the problem is only with them, but that’s not the case. 

Using Cereset for Sleep, PTSD, and Depression

One day, while watching a podcast on YouTube, Carl’s wife came across a testimonial from a celebrity whose family member used something called “brain echo” while experiencing depression and anxiety after addiction. Lee Gerdes, the developer of Cereset, developed a process that converts electromagnetic brain waves into sound waves and that play back to you in real-time. Hearing itself, according to Cereset, allows the brain to correct itself. 

Carl, his wife, and their oldest son all tried Cereset, a 4-5 day process of 1.5-hour sessions. After the sessions, Carl’s wife came out a different person. She describes her experience with her ‘new brain’ “like the center part of me used to be fractured… and it’s been lined up.” Profoundly impressed with the process, Carl and his wife began developing the franchise in Utah, where there are now three locations for Cereset. 

The Process of Cereset

Carl explains that the process begins with a baseline scan of the client’s brain, focusing on 2 main lobes: the frontal and temporal lobes, which are the emotion center and stress response centers of the brain. This gives a sense of how healthy the brain’s responses to stress and emotion are so that a comparison can be made after treatment. 

The treatment takes 4-5 days, with an hour-and-a-half session each day. This allows the brain to create the necessary neural pathways to treat itself. The process itself is painless: clients just have to sit with their eyes closed and listen. Many often fall asleep during the session. Afterward, Carl always makes sure to keep in touch with clients to see how they’re doing post-treatment. The answer is almost always a resounding, “Amazing.” 

Listen in to learn more about Carl’s personal experience with Cereset, how right and left brain imbalances affect emotion, and the difference between sound wave frequencies and Cereset. 

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