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Living Vibrantly with DONNA TASHIJAN

October 14, 2022 Tiffany Barnes/Donna Tashijan Season 4 Episode 117
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Living Vibrantly with DONNA TASHIJAN
Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Donna Tashijan, a life mastery coach and founder of the Vibrant Living International nonprofit. Donna specializes in turning baggage into luggage, accelerating transformations for people across the globe. She’s the author of 4 books and is known for having a “knack for turning fear into excitement” through speaking and coaching. 

Finding Support Early

At 14, Donna was assaulted and became pregnant, giving birth to her first child by 15. The judgment of teenage pregnancy caused feelings of shame, resentment, and anger. She developed a fear of failing as a mother before even starting her own life and had to learn to rise above. 

For someone who might be in a similar situation, Donna says that she wishes she had spoken to herself differently. Self-talk can be an important tool for healing. She also encourages people to look for support, and that there is more help available than you might think. 

Helping Women’s Transformations

The focus of Donna’s nonprofit, Vibrant Living International, is “to help people to rise above the pain and disappointment that life can bring so that they can live the life of their dreams with confidence and ease.” Vibrant Living was established 10 years ago when Donna was considering what she could do that would both support her and 

Donna has been a life coach for more than 25 years, but has always been a supportive ally for friends in need. Her oldest daughter has told her that for as long as she could remember, “women have been on the couch crying and you were helping them.” Through Vibrant Living International, her podcast, and 4 books, Donna has shared that advice and care with thousands. 

Turning Baggage Into Luggage

As a life coach, Donna has developed the phrase, ‘turning baggage into luggage.’ ‘Baggage-thinking’ includes thoughts and feelings of low self-esteem, vengeance, resentment, negative self-talk, and so on. These are legitimate and valid feelings, Donna says, but luggage-thinking is what brings about change. 

‘Luggage-thinking’ happens when someone begins to see their past or trauma not as their entire life story, but as a single chapter, page, or even paragraph. At 15, Donna felt like what had happened to her was the end of the world, but now she stresses the importance of looking for the gifts in the pain. How will this help me grow, now? It’s a gift wrapped in sandpaper, Donna says, not a pretty bow. 

Listen in to learn Donna’s 4 steps for transformation, what modalities she uses for healing, and her future plans for herself and her business. 

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