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July 02, 2021 Tiffany Barnes/ Lizbeth Meredith Season 3 Episode 59
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Today I’m talking to Lizbeth Meredith is a speaker and former child abuse investigator. She has also authored the book Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters. In addition, she is a retired juvenile probation supervisor. 

With family violence, parental alienation, control issues, physical abuse, and a large amount of chaos in her home, Lizbeth realized that she wanted a different life for herself from an early age. So she transitioned from her abusive home to an abusive marriage and found herself in Europe in her twenties looking for her kidnapped girls. “I came from a really controlling environment and I was looking for someone to save me.”

Her mother had kidnapped her and her female siblings and moved to Alaska to avoid getting caught. Her mother, having been married to multiple men, had children from several different fathers. Lizbeth didn’t know who her real father was until she was 20, as her mom told her that her stepdad was her real father.

Growing up, she remembers being physically abused if her siblings didn’t follow her mother’s directions exactly. “For the kids in the family, the most damaging part was that we were forced to shun anyone she was angry with.” Even if the person she was mad at was a sibling, the other siblings had to stay away from her if they didn’t want backlash from her mother, which was sent away from home.

Lizbeth experienced guilt growing up as she was favored by her mom, so she didn’t have the most extreme repercussions. “She was funny and amazing and adored me at times,” which was an emotionally manipulative space to be in the family.

Looking back, Lizbeth wishes she had given herself some time to heal before going out to find a life partner. But, instead, her mom and others in her family wanted to push all this behind them and never speak about the trauma and abuse or what happened to their family.

After being strangled by her husband in front of their daughter, she decided to leave the marriage. At that point, she decided to leave the relationship and never look back. Lizbeth wanted a life without abuse, and she consciously made a choice to have a better life.

Listen in to find out how she was able to leave her abusive husband, how her children were kidnapped, and how she was able to rescue her children and get them back.

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