The Beam Podcast

Introducing The Beam Podcast

September 02, 2019 Season 1
The Beam Podcast
Introducing The Beam Podcast
The Beam Podcast
Introducing The Beam Podcast
Sep 02, 2019 Season 1
The Beam - United People of Climate Action
Show Notes

Do you hear the calls to fight climate change? The calls to mitigate its impact? To be more sustainable to preserve our planet for the generations to come? 

Sometimes, these calls leave us overwhelmed and confused. And at times, we still ask ourselves, ‘How should we deal with the changing climate?’, ‘What is our response? Is it fast enough?’, ‘How do we make sure that no one is left behind?’ 

With the help of people of climate action around the globe, Anne-Sophie Garrigou, Editor-in-Chief of The Beam Magazine, and Anna Siwecka discuss how to include and inspire a greater number of people to participate in fighting climate change. 

Once a month, they talk sustainable design, energy access and transition, women empowerment and more. They reach to the grassroots level and go beyond cultures. And all of this, to stress the urgency of acting now and to equip us all in the tools needed to take action. Tune in to The Beam Podcast! #TheBeamPodcast. 

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Thank you, Anne-Sophie & Anna. 

Written by Anne-Sophie Garrigou (@GarrigouAnneSo) and Anna Siwecka (@OutwithAnna). Theme music ‘Shape of Me’ by Dr. Hollywood. Production and sound editing by Anna Siwecka.


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