Montel Weekly
Controversial aid for German industry
Controversial aid for German industry 26:37 Danish consumer backlash 29:32 The golden age of PPAs? 25:14 Electrifying transport 34:50 Backlash after Danish boomtime? 24:13 Backing up the green transition 24:33 Calm before the storm? 28:36 S Africa's coal ghost trains 16:08 Bank turmoil and energy markets 26:31 Damage limitation 31:18 Battery boost as EU eases state-aid rules 27:56 Stronger together? 25:09 Loopholes and additionality 25:13 Ukraine: One year on 48:59 Out of the woods? 29:18 Rethinking forward power markets 31:23 Return of the carbon speculators? 31:05 Transatlantic battle for green subsidies 28:48 Scaring off investors 25:41 Has green growth stalled amid patchwork interventions? 29:04 Opening Pandora’s box 29:02 Gas price cap: policy disaster? Montel Weekly Special Episode 29:20 An energy year like no other (part 2) 50:48 An energy year like no other 38:30 Winter starts to bite 29:43