Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗

S4 E2: Loud Murmurs X The Weirdo Podcast: What Female Characters Do We Want More Of On Screen (part 1)

March 06, 2021 Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗 Season 4 Episode 2
Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗
S4 E2: Loud Murmurs X The Weirdo Podcast: What Female Characters Do We Want More Of On Screen (part 1)
Show Notes

This is our Part One of our two-part International Women’s Day Special Programming, in collaboration with our friends over at The Weirdo Podcast

In February, we teamed up with our friends at the Weirdo Podcast and hosted a discussion on Clubhouse, inviting our listeners to share what their ideal female character on screen would be like. The two-hour long initial conversation ballooned into over three hours, with 50+ listeners from across the world sharing their thoughts. We jotted them all down and categorized it loosely into six broad categories. Think of it as “suggestions” to the entertainment industry or all the players who are involved in making TV shows and movies, here’s the female character(s) that the audience REALLY wants to see on screen! We’re answering the million-dollar question here. 

Our two-part special centers around the six categories of female characters that we’d like to see on screen. We combed through our Clubhouse discussion notes, our own experiences as pop culture consumers, and compiled this “wishlist” from the viewpoint of an average audience (rather than that of a TV/film industry insider). Some wishes are already being fulfilled while others seem farfetched. But we hope that we can see our collective wishlist being realized: whether on the small screen or big screen, in fanfics or novel. We are manifesting this into the world, now world, let’s make it happen. 

  • 2:35  Introductions and the “why” behind our two-part special 
  • 7:43  We want to see more female characters from all age groups 
  • 12:09 The movie Eighth Grade did a good job of portraying the struggles of that specific age groups; Chinese-language films/shows such as《少年的你》(Better Days),《过春天》(The Crossing) 以及《隐秘的角落》(Bad Kids) also do a good job of showing the challenges and traumas of youth
  • 24:37  We want to see real female characters across age groups for two reasons: one is what they REALLY look like (physicality) and the REAL challenges they are facing
  • 30:34 We want to see more female friendship on screen
  • 38:26 We want to see female characters with real bodies 

Please give it a listen, share your thoughts with us on Twitter (and all other platforms), and stay tuned for Part Two!

Special thanks to The Weirdo Podcast’s editor: 

【Editor】方改则 Gaize Fang

【Music】Intro: Drop Point - Bryan Teo; Outro:Hold on a Sec - Bryan Teoh

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