Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗

S4 E23 Time Travel Part III: The Tender Relativity of Interstellar

September 20, 2021 Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗 Season 4 Episode 23
Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗
S4 E23 Time Travel Part III: The Tender Relativity of Interstellar
Show Notes

In this ambitious three-part series, we want to talk about time travel through some of our favorites ---- Tenet, Loki, and Interstellar. As viewers, we experience movies frame by frame; as human beings, we experience time through the relentless one-way time arrow. Through subverting our familiar narrative structures and disrupting causality, time travel can raise important questions about the universe we live in and its physical rules.

Time Code

  • 2:07 A cool anecdote about Chien-Shiung Wu, the female Chinese-American particle and experimental physicist
  • 7:14 Our third category of time travel stories, as presented in Interstellar 
  • 11:16 Fascinating understandings of time and space that came from the elegant principles of Special Relativity
  • 19:00 "High-dimensional creatures" in pop culture and in religion
  • 21:10 The inherent tragedy in time -- Eternalism vs. Presentism
  • 26:48 The sincerity and fragility of "Interstellar" -- is Sci-fi telling us to be more afraid to face our own vulnerabilities than exploring the end of the universe?

Our Guest

Shelly Shi - Ph.D. candidate in UCSD, with research interest in Philosophy of Physics

Edited By

Valerie Chen

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