Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗

S4 E26 “The Bad Art Friend” saga and our zeitgeist

November 01, 2021 Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗 Season 4 Episode 26
Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗
S4 E26 “The Bad Art Friend” saga and our zeitgeist
Show Notes

[Episode theme]
Who's the real bad art friend? Well, it depends on who you ask. Our hosts each share their own perspectives on the hottest Internet discourse and dive into a myriad of related topics. 


2:57 what is the NYT Magazine’s “Who is the Bad Art Friend” really about

6:30 Diaodiao’s perspective: it’s about the power dynamics behind an act of kindness

11:00 Afra’s perspective: the story highlights the gap between the societal impact and the literary nature of a work of fiction; Sonya Larson’s “The Kindest” portrays highly imperfect characters’ stories. 

14:00 Ina's perspective: her bias against Dawn (a white female author) influenced her viewpoint and reading experience, but ultimately agrees donating a kidney is the ultimate act of kindness-

18:00 Juan’s perspective: this is a story about beating someone when they’re already down, stresses Dawn’s identity as a yet-to-be-published author and Larson’s identity as a writer; Larson’s prejudice and othering of Dawn shouldn’t be excused by the reason of creating a work of art

26:30 Additional context behind live donors for donating organs and how this context changes our thoughts

33:30 In the ultra-connected social media environment of today, what privileges are afforded to those who are kind? Is it bad to doubt the motive behind an act of kindness? Perhaps. 

35:33 How did this story become a story about “two female authors pitting themselves against each other”? How are “Cat Fights” and “mean girls” influencing our behavior and becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy? How are female authors repressed in the publishing and writing world? 

46:00 POCs being hyper-aware of white feminism and its faults 

49:00 The context around American society and politics that the Chinese Internet discourse missed 

1:02:00 - An original song! Bonus easter egg!

Original song by our editor Joshua Ogden-Davis 

Well I gave away my kidney but my friends don’t even care

I said I gave away my WHOLE kidney and my friends don’t seem to care an appropriate amount

But I know up in heaven White Jesus is saving me a chair

Well I plagiarized a rando but she says she knows me

Well I plagiarized this rando and she says she knows me

But she ain’t cool enough for the group chat so she ain’t get no apology


Diaodiao, Ina, Afra, Juan

[Audio editor]

Joshua Ogden-Davis

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