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Episode 12: UX Research

October 21, 2019 Raz and Yael and Anne! Season 1 Episode 12
Techpoint Charlie
Episode 12: UX Research
Show Notes

Anne's reading recommendations:

  • Must have -

UX Maturity Model:

  • Nice to have -

 The role of a user researcher:

Research Ops community:

Dovetail, my research repository:

Our episode today:

  • Introduction to the episode and Anne
  • Introduction to the role of UX research
    • What exactly that is
    • Why even have one, and not just incorporate research into your role
    • How is it different than doing research as part of another role (designer, product manager...)
  • The motivation for doing it
  • How does it look like in the day to day
    • For Anne
    • For others
  • UX Maturity / How to live a user-centered approach in any organization

  1. The UX Maturity Model
    “User-centered” is a buzzword your organization uses? The time or an honest self-assessment.
    1. As their UX approach matures, organizations typically progress through the same sequence of stages, from initial hostility to widespread reliance on user research. (NN Group, Nasdaq)
      E.g. scope, purpose, staffing
    2. Cultural topic but also needs a monetary investment

  2. Creating awareness and exposure hours
    Experience precedes essence - you’ve got to get out there!
    1. “Evangelizing” takes time, building relationships
    2. In the end, you just have to do it and grow into it 
    3. UXR dashboard: # people participated, # days since the last contact, % of a team conducting research within last 3 months
    4. The team has its own insights = most beautiful moments for me

  3. Processes & scaling
    Everybody owns user research.
    1. Empowering teams
    2. ReOps

  4. Making data actionable:
    Maybe not everybody’s a designer - but everybody contributes to the customer experience.
    1. Tailored to organizational needs, lean & jtbd vs scientific
    2. Research repositories
    3. Journey maps and OKRs

  5. Educated decisions
    Sometimes there is no right or wrong decision - but it’s always wrong to make an uneducated decision.