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Episode 22: Emotions at work (with Phil Bennett)

June 22, 2020 Raz, Yael, Noa and Alaa Season 2 Episode 10
Techpoint Charlie
Episode 22: Emotions at work (with Phil Bennett)
Show Notes

Noa Tamir and Alaa Sarhan meet with our lovely guest Phil Bennett to chat about Emotions at work

Triggered by an article Phil Bennett wrote called The Crying Game: It’s OK to Cry at Work!

Emotions are unavoidable and normal, but you have to understand the emotional Labour you’re putting on other people. That said, sometimes high emotions are the only way people can express what they really feel. Especially in times of frustration. 

In the episode:

  • Intro to Phil, and his experience from working in agencies 
  • Wearing your heart on your sleeve and its effect on others 
  • Perspectives on differences between individual contributors and managers
  • Going through personal difficulties while at work 
  • Emotional labour, empathy as a skill, and fairness
  • Support frameworks we know: 
    • Step away or take a walk
    • Ask people if they are OK
    • Managers, HR, Trust keepers, Coaches, Psychologists

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Music credits: Dan Lebowitz: Come and Get It!
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