The Statist Quo

Diagnosing Planet Earth

August 30, 2019 Episode 40
The Statist Quo
Diagnosing Planet Earth
The Statist Quo
Diagnosing Planet Earth
Aug 30, 2019 Episode 40
Matt & Nick
Show Notes

 A show record today...Matt had his first podcasting injury.
 Today’s show touches on a ridiculous Afghanistan tweet by Marianne Williamson, and we expose the corrupt targeting of Backpage by the Feds.
 Also, we cover some of the lies, damned lies and statistics! A skilled STATISTician can tell any story they want with the same set of stats!  And one of the biggest abuses of statistics is in the ongoing climate change debate. AJ+, an Al-Jazzera subsidiary, puts out flashy videos like NewsBroke that get hundreds of thousands of shares. Problem is, their argument is full of more holes than they claim the Ozone layer is. We deconstruct an episode on climate change by them, using their same data, only in a truthful manner.
 Thanks for listening...we truly appreciate you and hope you get some enjoyment of the time you spend with us!
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