The Statist Quo

9/11: Gateway Drug to War

September 11, 2019 Episode 42
The Statist Quo
9/11: Gateway Drug to War
The Statist Quo
9/11: Gateway Drug to War
Sep 11, 2019 Episode 42
Matt & Nick
9/11 is the warhawks christmas.. Bolton however, received a lump of coal and severance pay.
Show Notes


if you believe really strongly in a cause you’d be willing to put the work in yourself for its success, right? Maybe even risk your life?

I think so. John Bolton and Ben Shapiro don’t. 

They’ve made careers out of hawking it up, but never have been willing to go fight in wars they advocated for. Normally I don’t hold not joining against someone, but asking others to go fight the war you want is just lame. 

Also, being a vet and advocating for wars is lame too (looking at you, Pompeo)

Either way, we high-five over John Bolton’s pink slip, tear down some Ben Shapiro strongmen, shame walmart for giving into the liberal shamers, and finally, talk about “leaders” in America in 2019, or at least what people think are leaders. Thanks for Listening!




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