The Statist Quo

MuH kUrDz!!!!

October 09, 2019 Episode 48
The Statist Quo
MuH kUrDz!!!!
The Statist Quo
MuH kUrDz!!!!
Oct 09, 2019 Episode 48
Matt & Nick
Every Statist loses their mind when the empire is at stake
Show Notes

Groundhog day. That feeling like every day is exactly the same. Trump announces a MINOR change in US troop levels 5,500 miles away, and the entire mainstream loses their minds. 

And lose their minds they did..Trump draws ire from both left and right as he orders US forces to withdraw out of Syria, as the Turks prepare to invade and occupy land that is currently occupied by Kurdish forces.  The mainstream cries crocodile tears for our “brave allies”, but it’s all a ruse...they don’t care a lick about the Kurds and probably don’t even know what a Kurd is. 

They also don’t answer the perennial many of my friends have to die to save the Kurds? 

We delve into the latest conflict at Turkey-Syria border on today’s show, provide some missing context, and examine just what the United States’ role is in creating this crisis. 

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