All That Scratch

Episode 5: Robots, Pirates and Zombies

October 10, 2019 All That Productions & The Other Palace Season 1 Episode 5
All That Scratch
Episode 5: Robots, Pirates and Zombies
Show Notes

The All That Scratch Podcast is a curated hour of promising new British musical theatre recorded live at The Other Palace. Handpicked from open submissions, each episode features a line-up of talented writers sharing their work and taking part in exclusive interviews.

Join our live studio audience for an intimate evening of original writing. It’s a chance to hear your future favourite musicals before anybody else!

Visit for more information, submission details and future episode recording dates.


Recorded: 23 September 2019

‘Love Is Not For Me’ & ‘In The Arms of St. Anne’ From St. Anne Comes Home

Book, Music & Lyrics | Jack Miles

Creative Producer | Amy Thomas

James | Jordan Castle

Bridget | Jodie Jacobs

‘Robot Called Robert’ & ‘The Other Side’ from You & I

Music, Lyrics & Guitar | Cordelia O’Driscoll

Book | Tom Williams

Director | Elin Schofield

Producer | Colla Voce Theatre

Viola | Fraser Frengley

Bass | Ben Evans

Fran | Lindsay Manion

Robert | Laurence Hunt

‘Happiness’ from Chronic

Writer & Performer | Catherine Bensley

Director | Laura Gretton

Musical Director | Stuart Foulston

Producer | Lexi Clare Productions for Maiden Speech Festival

‘Exactly’ & ‘Clever’ from Most Notorious

Music, Lyrics & Musical Director | Ollie Clark

Book | Daisy Horan

Director | Isla Jeffrey

Anne Bonny | Sasha Colvile

Mary Read | Meg McGrady

William Petty | Matthew Mulholland

‘I Have a Tingle’ from Zombies: The Musical

Writer, Director & Pianist | Daryl Griffith

Emily | Jodie Jacobs

‘Finale’ from No Limits

Writer | Sam Thomas

Director | Jordan Turner

Pianist | Lawrence Michalowski

Percussion | Ben Jones

Woman 1 | Emily Carter

Woman 2 | Megan Jobling

Woman 3 | Jessie Angell

Man 1 | Tom Dickerson

Man 2 | David Gibbons

Man 3 | Aaron Jenson

Produced by | Charlie Norburn & Alex Jackson for All That Productions & Kiki Stevenson for The Other Palace

Technician | Pav Kucharski

Podcast Editor | Will Abell

Podcast Theme Music | Nicola Chang






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