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Episode #85 Part 2 Jerry Jones with Dr. Roger Levin

June 21, 2019 Jerry A. Jones with Roger Levin, DDS
The Jerry Jones Direct Radio Show
Episode #85 Part 2 Jerry Jones with Dr. Roger Levin
Show Notes

Dr. Roger Levin has a long and storied history in dentistry. He’s a 3rd generation dentist and practiced for 10 years, ultimately launching dentistry’s top consulting company, the Levin Group. 

For the last 36 years, Dr. Levin and his team have tracked dental practice data, consulted with practices large and small, worked with DSOs, solo practice owners and others in the dental space.

In correspondence to Dr. Levin earlier in 2019, I sent him my latest copy of The State of Dentistry® 2019 and he reached out. Intrigued by my comments in the document, Dr. Levin agreed to be interviewed and be featured as a guest on the show.

During the hour+ we spend together, we did a deep dive into areas that most never discover in dentistry – such as leadership (closed vs. open-minded styles), attrition (the silent practice killer I’ve written about for years – Dr. Levin has a way to cut yours in HALF, by the way and he shares it with you in this series), and so much more.

I’ve heard from a huge number of my Members and subscribers all over the world after they watched the video of this same conversation on YouTube - you can watch is here:

I hope you enjoy this series of 3 podcasts with Dr. Roger Levin. I guarantee you’ll learn something new, remember something you’d long forgotten, or, will see something you thought you knew in a completely different and clearer way. 

Enjoy. And, remember – ACT upon what you learn. Otherwise, our time together is merely expensive entertainment.

And a reminder: Be sure to listen to all 3 episodes to get the full effect!
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