This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 128, 06/29/22

June 29, 2022 Christopher Walkin' Episode 128
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 128, 06/29/22
Show Notes

Hello & Welcome to Episode 128!
It's time for SHEDFEST!
Today on Episode 128 of This Week in Seattle Rock, we are going to introduce you to the 18 bands playing at SHEDFEST FOUR!
The fourth annual SHEDFEST music festival is back July 8th and 9th at Slimedog Speedway in Stanwood WA!
A music festival boasting a lineup of 18 local bands that's affordable for everyone!  Raising money for a great cause!  Once again in partnership with the Whitehorse Musicians Guild, partial proceeds of SHEDFEST will be donated to support the National M-S Foundation!
Kick your summer off with a bang at the fourth annual SHEDFEST, July 8th and 9th! 
Get your tickets and more information today at
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