This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 136, 06/29/22

September 21, 2022 Christopher Walkin' Episode 136
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 136, 06/29/22
Show Notes

Hello and Welcome to Episode 136!
As Summer winds down, herewith is another presummer recording.  The podcast will soon be recording new episodes, so stay tuned!
On Episode 136, This Week in Seattle Rock debuts a new artist on the podcast.  As always, we encourage you to become part of the Washington Rock economy by suporting your artists at live shows, buying some merch, and please introduce yourselves.   Artists truly love hearing your appreciation!
Remember: You can hear Episode 136, with all the music included, on your Spotify app!
Here's who you will hear on Episode 135:
The Home Team - "FOMO (Bored of You)"
Crazy Eyes - "Niagra"
Dining Dead - "Spaghetti"
Asterhouse - "Auld Lang Syne"
Chase Rabideau DEBUT - "Pacifica"