This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 47, 09/21/20

September 22, 2020 Christopher Walkin' Episode 47
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 47, 09/21/20
Show Notes

Marci, Justin, and I, come at ya from The Mothership with another 10 song, Covid induced, Episode 47!  All songs have either been released during the Covid closures, from artists new to the podcast, or artists that we haven't had opportunity to play yet.  We talk a little bit about our weekend trip to Port Townsend, Washington, play another Roy Otis short, and touch on going into our new experience of conducting interviews with "training wheels".
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Artists played - Song:
Seattle's Beast Folk - "Cut Me Loose"
Bellevue's Dave Farrell & Marysville's Eve Clarke - "Never Enough"
Seattle's Filthy Traitors - "Final Straw"
Seattle's The Gemini - "The Art of Isolation"
Seattle's The Howling West - "Howling Back At You"
Seattle's Hundred Loud - "Has Been"
Puyallup's Limberlost - "The Real Thing"
Kirkland's(?) LoudHead - "Apocalypse"
Everette's No Such Season - "Urban Death Groove"
Seattle's The Rainiers - "Dead Wolf"