This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 48, 09/27/20

September 27, 2020 Christopher Walkin' Episode 48
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 48, 09/27/20
Show Notes

Episode 48 has 10 new songs to the podcast - including one released in August, two released this month, and two from albums set to release in October!  Please support our local rock artists by purchasing songs, albums, and merch you appreciate.  They will be eternally grateful!  With all the temporary (and some permanent) venue closures, your support as a fan is vital!
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Artists can contact us, and send your digital song file submissions submissions to:
[email protected]
Here's what you'll hear on the Episode 39:
Chase the Sun - Tears of God
End of May - Shut Me Out
Filthy Traitors - Onto You
Fluffer - Little Girl Blue
Helldorado - Brass Knuckle Priest
Metrofugitive - Within Refractions
MTR Project - Footsteps of the Painted one
Rebels of Fortune - Rumble
Rising Enemy - Luigi's Ballad, Pt 2
The Scoffs - Little Blue Tyrants