This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 49, 10/5/20

October 06, 2020 Christopher Walkin' Episode 49
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 49, 10/5/20
Show Notes
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I renumbered the Episodes.  Get over it already, and listen to a great show!  This week Marci, Justin, and I, play new 10 new songs to the podcast, including five recent single releases!  It is a list of diverse sounds, for sure.
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Patrick Santerre - Black Sheep
SixGun - In the Mourning (ft Wyatt Olney)
Stereo Creeps - Perfect Host
Strangely Alright - Maybe If
Super Sonic Soul Pimps - Testify
Tambo - Who’s Sorry Now?
Tiger Rider - Big City
Walking Papers - What Did You Expect?
Watch Rome Burn - Psychopathic Narcissistic Freakout
16 Ghost - Kindness of Strangers (Live DEMO)