This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 50, 10/11/20

October 11, 2020 Christopher Walkin' Episode 50
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 50, 10/11/20
Show Notes

Episode 50!  As Marci & Justin take a weekend jaunt to the eastcoast, I was able to have a special cohost to start the episode.  We again play 10 songs from Washington Rockers that are either new releases during the Covid venue closures, or songs from TWISR artists that we haven't had a chance to play yet.  Please consider supporting our Rock artists by purchasing cds, digital downloads, or merch from their websites.  Additionally, keep an eye out for streaming shows, and donate to the artists and venue.  Follow TWISR on Facebook, join the TWISR Facebook group, and follow TWISR on Instagram.  We hope all of you stay smart, by keeping safe and healthy!
Here is what was played on Episode 50:
Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage - Get Haunted
Chris Sloan - These Walls
A Leaf - Woman
Actionesse - Self-Subterfuge
The Adarna - Shapeshifter
Afterwords - The Deep End
The Aimlows - Winger
Aisha - Bring Back Rock 'n' Roll
All the Real Girls - Lizzie
Antihero - I Zombie