This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 52, 10/27/20

October 28, 2020 Christopher Walkin'
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 52, 10/27/20
Show Notes

Marci Roxx and Justin Cider are back from a short vacation to the east coast, and we celebrate their return by playing six new podcast artists, 10 new songs to the podcast, six of which were released during our Covid experience.  Please consider supporting our local Rock artists by purchasing cds, digital downloads, or merchandise from their websites.  Additionally, keep an eye out for online streaming shows, and donate to the artists and venues.  Follow TWISR on Facebook, join the TWISR Facebook group, and follow TWISR on Instagram,  We hope all of you stay smart, by keeping safe and healthy!

Here is what we played on Episode 52:

Limberlost - Good Fight
The Black Tones - My Names Not Abraham Lincoln
The Fiasco - Good Times
Hellbot - Heavy Chevy
Mudsill Widows - A Ravens Call
Shudderspeed - Bygone Age
Sundodger - Too Much Too Soon
Walking Papers - The Value of Zero
ArtrA - Tonight
Asterhouse - Massive Soul Overhaul