This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 72, 03/01/21

July 28, 2021 Christopher Walkin' Episode 72
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 72, 03/01/21
Show Notes

Thanks to Seattle Snowmaggedon 2021, and laptop card reader issues, we have been off for a couple weeks, but we are back, and will be attempting to shove, at least a couple episodes down your ear holes this week.  We're gonna start by with an episode we recorded at Tony V's Garage on Feb 19th, before Cryptamnesia took the stage that evening, and we play four current new releases.  Keep an eye out for Episode 72.5 where we talk to Ben of Tony V's about responsibly scheduling local talent as we all attempt the slow roll out of the Covid era, and we also talk have a fun conversation with Ticker & Sarin of Cryptamnesia.

Who did we play on episode 72?:

Always Naked "Straight to Hell" NEW RELEASE & PODCAST DEBUT

Prize Fighters "The Quiet Ones" NEW RELEASE & PODCAST DEBUT

Bexley "If We Have to Die" NEW RELEASE & PODCAST DEBUT

Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage "Trauma Queen" NEW RELEASE

Ghost Train Trio "Devil Wants a Shot" PODCAST DEBUT

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