This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 74, 03/01/21

July 28, 2021 Christopher Walkin' Episode 74
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 74, 03/01/21
Show Notes

On Episode 74, we bring you six great new recent song releases, including three new artists to the podcast.  We've had some computer and secular work issues which delayed the release of recent episodes, but we are catching up, and should be back on schedule this weekend.  

Enough about us, let's show you Episode 74's lineup:

The Chris Jones Band "Driver" NEW RELEASE
Linda From Work "Don't Touch Me" NEW RELEASE
Drastic Down "Feet to the Fire" NEW RELEASE
Sharky Waters "Viking" NEW RELEASE & PODCAST DEBUT
Champagne Sunday "I Like You" NEW RELEASE & PODCAST DEBUT

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