This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 75, 03/16/21

August 10, 2021 Christopher Walkin' Episode 75
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 75, 03/16/21
Show Notes

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Here we are again, with five more songs for you this week, all released within the last four months, two released in the last couple weeks!  Have you been to a show yet?  If you can go, please follow the outlined standards, so as to not ruin your, or others, evening of Rock!  Be sure to share your pics and experiences on social media!  Got a band you want to hear on the podcast?  Hit us up at 253-632-0254

Here's what's going on for Episode 75:

Strangely Alright "Alien Lover" NEW RELEASE

Spirit Award "Cocaine Glasses" NEW RELEASE & PODCAST DEBUT

Goodness  "Superwise- Live" PODCAST DEBUT

Cryptamnesia "Psychotherapy" 

Nova Fracture "Biohazard" PODCAST DEBUT