This Week in Seattle Rock

Episode 77, 03/22/21

August 13, 2021 Christopher Walkin'
This Week in Seattle Rock
Episode 77, 03/22/21
Show Notes

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While preparing to record Episode 77, I may have spilled a sparkling drink (or two), with some splashing onto the podcast laptop.  No issue, as the laptop was working, so we cleaned up and started recording.  no harm, no foul.

Well FOUL!  The laptop would not power up for editing, so to the repair shop it went.  We are all good now, and present episode 77 as a sliver in time from the past (a whole 3 weeks ago).

Here's who you'll experience on Episode 77:

Custom "Love of Rock"

Moose Almighty "Katie Bar the Door" NEW RELEASE

Reverend Bear "Heaven Engine" NEW RELEASE & PODCAST DEBUT

Warren Dunes "Just Another Band from Warren Dunes" NEW RELEASE

Beautiful Skeletons "Bloodstains" NEW RELEASE & PODCAST DEBUT