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Getting Lost In The Details With Scanographer Mishal Weston

June 23, 2019 Mishal Weston Season 1 Episode 3
Orms Air: The Orms Podcast
Getting Lost In The Details With Scanographer Mishal Weston
Show Notes

We go beneath the surface and dive into the intricate world of a scanographers creative expression. Scanography may not be a part of most of our vocabulary but for creative Mishal Weston it’s the next step in finding and magnifying small moments of beauty within a shared reality. Join Mishal and Rachel in conversation, learn about this fascinating form of photography and discover the overlooked beauty in everyday objects.

You may recognise Mishal Weston’s work from his recent Beautiful News feature, if not be sure to watch it here.

In this episode Mishal mentions:

Mariette Kotze as his first introduction to scanography as an art form. Mariette Kotze, scanographer and featured artist in the new Orms Print Room & Framing Artist Wallpaper Collection. Find Mariette's work here and her Orms Print Room & Framing Wallpaper Collection here.

Danielle Clough, all-round creative genius who both Mishal & Rachel gush over.

Atang Tshikare, the visual creative Mishal references as a part of the group of creatives who inspire him and his creative works can be found here

Lorraine Loots, of Paintings For Ants Fame.

Mandy Barker, who’s work involving marine plastic debris has graced the cover of Time magazine.

Be sure to check out Mishal Weston's work on both his website and his Instagram page.

Mishal Weston's work will form a part of the group exhibition Constellation at Deepest Darkest Contemporary Gallery and runs from 29 June - 23 August 2019. For more information check out our What's On Calendar.

Episode Correction: Rachel’s MyCiti bus route goes via Upper Queens Road in Walmer Estate not Upper Mountain Road.

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