The Shaqir Hussyin Show

Episode 48: How I Generated $320,000 From 1 JV Partner Lessons Learned

April 15, 2019 Episode 48
The Shaqir Hussyin Show
Episode 48: How I Generated $320,000 From 1 JV Partner Lessons Learned
The Shaqir Hussyin Show
Episode 48: How I Generated $320,000 From 1 JV Partner Lessons Learned
Apr 15, 2019 Episode 48
Shaqir Hussyin
You're ONE Offer Away...
Show Notes

Would you like to grow your business 2x, 5x or even 10X with ZERO upfront advertising costs?

It's possible.

MOST people think you need to have a ton of money to go out and get customers. You don't, you can leverage off someone that has already spent money building their customer base.

Most people think you need to spend the next 10 years building your audience. You don't - You can tap into someone else that has spent 10 years.

I remember like it was yesterday I landed in Sydney, Australia - it must have been 4am, I can't remember the name of the hotel except it was classy, posh, red and recently done up new. I went there to see a mentor and I got a notification telling me that I need to do a webinar in 2 hours.... EEEK.

I had completely forgotten due to the time change London vs Australia. Anyway I sat down, hosted the webinar, whilst the webinar went on, I created a bonus package. That night; $58,000 in sales rolled in. Sexy. Amazing. Mindblown. You know the feeling when you first experience it...

The next day I fired off the replay.
Bang, another $50,000.

For 2 weeks straight we hovered over $7,500-$15,000 per day, in total we generated over $300,000+ from a single webinar. My life was changed forever. My hourly rate went from $1K, to $4k per hour almost overnight.

As I write this I remind myself all the time that you're one webinar away. Literally ONE offer can change your life, your families, your future, your customers, your teams and your dreams.

I hope this inspires you to create your own offer, because you're truly ONE OFFER AWAY...

Listen in, take notes and action it. You got this.

I'd love for you to leave a 5* review and share your number 1 takeaway on the comments section on iTunes. Every little helps and I appreciate you listening in. Thank you.

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