DP Oddcast

DP Oddcast EP: 11

May 11, 2019 Episode 11
DP Oddcast
DP Oddcast EP: 11
DP Oddcast
DP Oddcast EP: 11
May 11, 2019 Episode 11
Johnny / Josh
DP Oddcast; Let's Talk About Endgame and Haunted Houses.
Show Notes

EP: 11 - The One Where we Spoiled Endgame.

It's right there in the title, folks. Spoilers AHEAD! We saw Endgame, more than once, and we just had to talk about it. While it wasn't the plan, this was a full fledged Marvel podcast - with a little bit of a touch on haunted houses.

DP Oddcast is here to rant, rave, and entertain... Hopefully. This all around podcast will make you think, laugh, excited, and wonder what exactly we have to say next. There's a lot to say, and we'll be sure to say it.

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