Matt Hranek is a street hustler | #024
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Matt Hranek is a street hustler | #024
Feb 26, 2020 Season 3 Episode 4
Matt Hranek

This week, our guest needs no introduction. Matt Hranek is the founder of the William Brown Project, editor of WM Brown magazine, a creative director, photographer, author of A Man & His Watch and a self-confessed ‘street hustler’, to boot. In other words, he’s about as busy a figure in indie menswear as it gets. Aleks caught up with him a few weeks ago at Pitti Uomo, to talk about his early career in photography, his move from mainstream media to independent publishing, and to contemplate the power of being niche.

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Show Notes:
Matt Hranek | Instagram

[03:52] Yolanda Edwards
[05:46] St JOHN Restaurant
[14:52] Condé Nast Traveler
[15:07] Guess Jeans
[15:22] ELLE Magazine
[20:36] Gourmet Magazine
[20:37] Hooks & Bullets Magazine
[22:48] New Yorker Magazine
[22:49] The Economist Magazine
[24:38] A Man & His Watch Book
[25:44] Rolex Datejust
[25:46] James Bond Rolex Submariner
[25:56] Omega Speedmaster
[28:44] Levis 501
[28:53] Grenfell, England
[28:59] Drake’s
[35:29] Thom Browne
[36:48] Dunhill
[38:25] Horst P. Horst


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