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Oliver Spencer on shopkeeping, brand building and sustainable thinking | #030
HandCut Radio
Oliver Spencer on shopkeeping, brand building and sustainable thinking | #030
Apr 08, 2020 Season 3 Episode 10
Oliver Spencer

For the final episode in Season Three, Aleks sits down with award-winning British fashion designer, Oli Spencer, who’s two brands, Favourbrook and Oliver Spencer, are both thoroughbred menswear gems. Oli began his career selling waistcoats on Portobello Road in the ‘90s, and has grown his business to half-a-dozen London stores, a buzzing e-commerce offering, and eight drops a year on Mr Porter. He and Aleks talk about his first few years on the ladder, his approach to retail and clothing design, and his focus on sustainability, which has been a big part of the Oliver Spencer brand for the past few years.

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Show Notes:

Oliver Spencer — Website | Instagram

[02:40] Favourbrook
[04:22] The Wag Club
[04:25] Chris Sullivan
[04:32] Rebel Rebel: How Mavericks Made the Modern World (Book)
[08:29] Four Weddings and a Funeral (Film)
[09:24] Farlows, Pall Mall
[10:50] Liberty Londo
[10:56] Olie Arnold of Mr Porter on HandCut Radi
[11:07] Oliver Spencer on Nordstrom, USA
[11:34] Favourbrook on The Rake
[20:20] Bleue Burnham
[30:15] Sainsbury’s TU
[31:58] Patagonia
[32:02] Nudie Jeans
[38:45] Matches Fashion
[40:57] The Groucho Club


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