The Green Divas

Talking turkey about food waste

November 15, 2022 The Green Divas Season 15 Episode 6
The Green Divas
Talking turkey about food waste
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The Green Divas love food, but don't love food waste. It's a never-ending challenge to keep food from spoiling and being wasted -- at home and in our communities.

While we've covered this issue a few times, it was time to update some statistics (to our horror) and revisit and remind ourselves of all the ways we can help mitigate food waste and help those that are hungry.

There's a fun Green Dude segment from a few years back from Jeff Yeager, the Ultimate Cheapskate, who has been on a mission to "Save the Giblets!"

Also, some relevant advice from another older interview with Jonathan Bloom, who wrote the book, American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It). The book is over a decade old, but his advice is still VERY relevant!

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