Mythras Matters

1.24 - Disengaging those Power Rolls

May 01, 2021 inwils
Mythras Matters
1.24 - Disengaging those Power Rolls
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In this episode, Mike and Brian return to continue to talk about their playtesting and aspects of the new Destined game and the rules guru returns to bring us up to date with the disengagement rule, Welcome to Mythras Matters Season 1 Episode 24- Disengaging those power rolls

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In this episode, Mike and Brian return to continue to talk about their playtesting and aspects of the new Destined game and the rules guru returns to bring us up to date with the disengagement rule, Welcome to Mythras Matters Season 1 Episode 24- Disengaging those power rolls


Hello and welcome to May! Now I have to start off this podcast episode by saying that luckily you can hear me and understand me. At the risk of being attention-seeking, two weeks ago I was besieged by facial paralysis. This came on suddenly and I had visits to doctors and consultants to see what was going on. After several tests, they are none the wiser but assume it was multilateral Bell's Palsy. Thank you for all the positive words people let me on my video relating to the paralysis. They really supported me to get back to normal. I hope you can tell that my voice is much better and the only lasting side effect so far is that I am growing a beard and moustache! first time in my 54 years on this planet. As for lasting - we will see how it goes. At the moment with so many white/grey hairs I look like a cross between Santa and Gandalf! -You shall not pass!

As you might be aware from my intro to the podcast last month, we have a strong international audience for the podcast and, in order to support everyone, I have started to upload a transcript of the podcast alongside the audio version. I have to say from the onset, this transcript is currently only available for the segments which I write, record and add. As you might be aware my segments are scripted before recording so they are easily tidied up and shared. The main interviews will not have transcripts available. These are not scripted at all and currently, I haven't come up with the time or the software for us to do this transcribing cheaply and effectively. I'm keeping my eyes open for possibilities and will keep everyone informed. If you have any suggestions then my email is in the show notes.

In the last episode, I shared with you the continents where the podcast is listened to. Well in order to expand this further and promote the competitive streak in some of you, I thought I would share some more specific areas where the podcast listens to the most. Now, in the interest of internet and podcast safety, please do not hop over to the audio feedback site and say where you live etc. But if you are in the leading country or state, then do allow yourself a small glow of achievement. And, before I share with you the top countries and states - I am building the tension - I am still waiting to be able to include and share an audience audio feedback about the podcast with you all. The link is in the show notes so do pop over to the site and record something nice - it could be anything from positives comments to questions - someone will have to be first, so maybe that will be you!

General country/state information first. The podcast is actually listened to in over 310 cities across the world. The country with the highest listeners with 5% of the listens is actually England! Next up is a city in Colorado and third is a town in Lower Saxony which is in Germany - sorry I did have to check that. Georgia features in the top ten as does Ontario, Texas and Wales. Other countries represented are Bavaria, Valencia, Madrid, New South Wales and Tokyo!

Thank you to everyone who listens to the podcast, we will do appreciate all your support.


Last episode we were joined by Brian and Mike as they brought us up to date with the progression of the new game based on the Mythras system called Destined. This allows players to take on the altered egos of superheroes and save the city or planet from villains and other nastiness.

We left the discussion at a bit of a cliff hanger last episode, I cut them off just as Mike was about to tell us about how his own playtesting was going. If you missed last month's episode then now would be a good time to pop back and have a listen. If you are still with me then let's head back to the discussion to hear how Mike's playtesting went, after they have both introduced themselves.


If you are interested in hearing more about Destined, then I chatted to Brain and Mike in episode 6 of Mythras Matters that has the apt title of Super Powers and fluttering capes!

I'm definitely looking forward to playing Destined so I hope we will get a publishing date soon!

With this being episode 24, it means that this podcast has been going almost consistently for two years. The first episode was published in April 2019. I say almost consistently because I missed an episode. April 2020 was just an apology - sorry

Remember, if you would like to contribute to the podcast then why not just drop me an email or message and let me know what you would like to cover. I am always looking for reviews or interviews with people. So if you are interested, you can email me at [email protected] or send me a message on the various forums I frequent. 

Also, if you are interested, then remember you can watch my other content on my YouTube channel where explain the rules of Mythras, including some newly published shorter and focused videos, post actual play videos and talk about GMing in my series the gibbering GM.

Likes, subs and comments are always gratefully received - and I try to reply to all the comments you post.


Next up we are joined by the rules guru again. We often have a discussion about which rules the guru should unravel and demystify for use, so if you have any specific rule you would like to feature in this segment then do let us know - contact details are in the show notes.

This month's rule is one that we struggled with a lot when we first started to play, the rules of disengagement - take it away guru!


I have to say that we once had a very very very long fight between the party and a giant caterpillar, where we tried to use the disengage rule to no avail. The combat progressed and both the caterpillar and the party failed endurance rolls and were slowly succumbing to fatigue - I think in the end everyone just collapsed from exhaustion.

Now I take a different approach, as the combat is coming to an end, we just complete the narrative and say that people can be captured or killed.

Before I start me end segment for this episode I would like to give a personal plug and more self-promotion. We, as in myself, Capt Kangaroo, Mr Pickles, Longshanksepg and Medivacthehealinghoover, have decided to blast off into space! No, we have not booked tickets on the first civilian flight to Mars. We have decided to alternate our campaign between Mythras the fantasy setting and M-Space the sci-fi setting. We will be playing a whole adventure in one setting before moving to the other for another adventure. We will be streaming these live as usually and the recordings will be available on YouTube. This Saturday we will be making up characters so if you would like to see M-space in action, then do make a note to pop in.

And if you are interested in M-Space as a ruleset/setting then do have a listen to episode 17 when I was joined by Clarence and Scott as the galactic creators of the game!

And that’s it, another episode of Mythras Matters completed. Next month is a complete mystery at the moment, but I am sure the content will be excellent. And, don't forget that the next short rule video on my YouTube channel will be about the Bartering and Haggling rules - this was delayed due to the issues with my face.

So, until next time have a great month of gaming and I will chat again to you all in February 

Until then I hope that all our opposed rolls succeed and provide you with a well-deserved special.

Thanks for listening  cya - Bye!

Interview with Brian and Mike
Rules Guru
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