Mythras Matters

1.26 - Casting Runes and Contributing Roles

July 01, 2021 inwils Season 1 Episode 26
Mythras Matters
1.26 - Casting Runes and Contributing Roles
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In this episode I have an interview with the creator and writer of the ghost story-based game, Casting the Runes and I talk about the changing roles of characters in M-Space.  Welcome to Mythras Matters Season 1 Episode 26 - Casting Runes and Contributing Roles.

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In this episode I have an interview with the creator and writer of the ghost story-based game, Casting the Runes and I talk about the changing roles of characters in M-Space.  Welcome to Mythras Matters Season 1 Episode 26 - Casting runes and contributing roles.


Hello and welcome to Mythras Matters, a podcast dedicated to the Mythras ruleset and all its supplements. As always, I’m your host, inwils, and welcome to July!

If you live in the northern hemisphere then we are welcoming summer -while if you are in the southern hemisphere - wrap up warm, winter is here! I always have to remember that the listeners for this podcast are spread out across the globe, so I should be more diverse in my introductions.

Summer usually means I have some time off work coming up - a summer vacation. When I have some vacation time coming up, I always want to get organised and make valuable use of it. As the time approaches, I start to put items on the 'let's do that when I'm not at work!' list. As you can imagine it is slowly growing and I know when I actually get round to that time off work, I'll probably not do anything! It's a topic I cover in the next episode of my other podcast, the inwils interval - #sefpromotion- link in the show notes.

Added to this ever-growing list of tasks is a range of new rules and settings to create for and hopefully play. There are the Mythras combat modules, that featured in Episode 18, exploring Monster Island and its companion, featured in episode 12 and 20, and of course, After the Vampire wars - still to be featured - is anyone out there actually running a campaign for that supplement?

You might have heard from the pre-roll (the bit you hear before the episode begins -see I can use all the technical podcast jargon now!) that Mythic Babylon is now available. If you want to have a listen to the content, then in episode 4 the supplement featured on the podcast.

As my vacation list expands I thought it would only be fair for me to contribute to yours! so now you have a list of previous episodes to list to - and maybe we will be able to add Destined to that list soon! come one design mechanism, I feel the call of lycra and capes! Wait that sounded wrong - I'm looking ward to playing a superhero -or in the campaign, I am planning - a supervillain!

And talking about my campaign it's time for the campaign updates - Seamless transition between segments!


You might be aware that we are swapping between rulesets at the moment to bring more variation to our gaming. We are organising it that we play one adventure - that would be a series of 4-5 sessions - in the fantasy setting of Mythras and then swapping to the sci-fi setting, using the M-Space rules for the next adventure.

One aspect of the new M-space game is the way that I am encouraging the players to co-create the setting with me. Although I have my own thoughts about the campaign and setting, I want to players to feel that they can contribute to it. I guess I have the overview and balance of the campaign in mind as we accommodate the way the players want to explore aspects of the game with their characters.

I'm really pleased that I encouraged the players to take different roles to their fantasy characters in M-Space, Mr Pickles, who players a law enforcer called Numen (we use surnames in the campaign to add a certain sci-fi feeling) really enjoyed bashing thugs in the recent barroom brawl - a huge change from standing at the back healing and supporting the party as Bartleby! And in that same barroom brawl, Minsk, the pilot and leader played by Medivac the healing hoover (probably the longest nickname in the world!) got knocked out with three punches, two to the head and one to the gut, while his fantasy character demonstrates his combat prowess on a regular basis

Hammond, played by Captain Kangaroo, is a character and player who is constantly contributing new ideas to the campaign. At first, this could be seen as quite challenging, but, as mentioned before, I want to feel that the players can co-create the campaign alongside me. Hammond is definitely turning out to be a tinkerer with Captain Kangaroo suggesting new pieces of equipment that he wants to design, create and use! I'm currently creating a system for this that I will probably share in a future campaign update, but if you want a sneaky preview when I first publish it then do go along to the Volatris 4507 campaign website - the link is in the show notes.

Oh, and before we leave the campaign updates, Longshanksepg is unable to play for a couple of months due to real life commitments, so I have started to play a medical robot called Perdi - what an interesting experience that is - she has her own unique personality and something that will definitely feature in a future podcast segment and Gibbering GM YouTube video!

Anyway, enough of this campaign space talk - let's get one with this episode's interview!


I was so lucky to see an email about the publication of the Casting the Runes game on Kickstarter! I'm always keen to support ideas so I quickly signed up to support them. It was probably the first Kickstarter campaign I had supported and I was not disappointed!

Once the targets were reached and the game published I found myself being drawn into the ghost stories of.... hang on - why don't I let the creator of Casting the Runes to speak for himself...


I hope that has wet your appetite for the game - I am certainly looking forward to either watching, playing or GMing a campaign in the future. Remember you can buy Casting the Runes from all the usual places where you buy your design mechanism items

Interview - no transcription available

Remember, if you would like to contribute to the podcast then why not just drop me an email or message and let me know what you would like to cover. I am always looking for reviews or interviews with people. So if you are interested, you can email me at  [email protected] or send me a message on the various forums I frequent. 


And that’s it, another episode of Mythras Matters completed. 

Don't forget you can check out all my content by following my YouTube channel and the campaign areas on World Anvil. I really appreciate your support and do check out the TapaTalk forums, there are some great people there sharing their ideas within the discussions.

So, until next time have a great month of gaming and I will chat again to you all in August

Until then I hope that all our opposed rolls succeed and provide you with a well-deserved special.

Thanks for listening cya - Bye!


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