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Life Behind the Keyboard

April 22, 2019 Richard Kerr. Greg Davis-Kean Season 1 Episode 8
Award Travel 101
Life Behind the Keyboard
Show Notes

Episode 8 - Life Behind the Keyboard

"So I told my wife and son: 'Hey I'm gonna be a blogger!' and they were both scared out of their minds by the idea..."

You might think that a full time job writing a travel blog, or perhaps managing a Facebook group dedicated to points and miles, involves all fun and no pain. Besides the illusion that these folks are just swimming in free points and miles, there's a lot that goes into interacting with people from behind a keyboard. One of Richard's very own heroes in the points and miles world, Greg Davis-Kean of Frequent Miler, joins him this week to chat about the real life of those who blog about travel for a living.

Today's episode timestamps:

  • 1:00 - How Richard was first inspired to start Award Travel 101
  • 6:20 - Getting hooked on points and miles
  • 9:30 - What led Richard to leave the Navy and start managing a Facebook group
  • 16:45 - What does it take to keep blogging year after year
  • 22:45 - When you meet an online troll in person
  • 29:25 - The newest member of Award Travel Advance
  • 35:00 - Geekiest thing Greg has done to earn points and miles

Today's Guest

Greg Davis-Kean

After business travel opened his eyes to the perks of frequent travel, Greg turned to online travel forums and blogs to find ways to keep his elite status with less travel. After getting hooked to the world of points and miles, and developing techniques to maximize earnings with every dollar spent, within six months, Frequent Miler was born and he had a new full time career.


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