Award Travel 101

Next Meetup Announcement & Let's Go Crazy with AT in the TC

September 01, 2023 Season 3 Episode 31
Award Travel 101
Next Meetup Announcement & Let's Go Crazy with AT in the TC
Show Notes

 Mike joins Joe to discuss his newest cards, news, and their most recent trip to educate members on how to ramp up their Award Travel game. Plus is there a Fiesta in-store?
Post of the week

This comes from our Daniel Mark Adsit who shared how he put an entire 27-day trip to South America utilizing rewards. Check it out and let us know in the comments what your longest rewards trip was.


What bonuses did we get?

Highlight feature: MSP Meetup Recap

We brought almost 100 Award Travel community members to Minneapolis for "Let's Go Crazy with AT in the TC," to party like it's 1999.

  • Arrival - flight disruptions caused some havoc
  • Tram - how was it
  • Reception at Graze Rooftop - this is where the rubber hits the road
  • Elite Breakfast - Was one better than the other?
  • Presentations - presentations kicked off 
  • Free time - Prince Museum, Fair, Socials - what did each of us do?
  • Brits Pub - Party Like It’s 1999
  • After party (Loud dance club) - how Joe helped a member use a tool he'd just learned about from JT's presentation
  • Hell’s Kitchen - did we do the unthinkable and skip free Elite breakfast?
  • Airport lounge hopping 
  • First Class Home (Free WiFi!) - Joe booked economy with just 8.5K Virgin points, so how did he get First Class?
  • Next meetup in SAT - Taco 'Bout A Fiesta! Limited amount of tickets left (and an even smaller amount of discounted tickets using code: SAT20 to save 20%).

Tip of the week

Our Tip of the Week comes from Mike, who's been updating the Award Travel 101 website. For some of the tools we've produced to answer common questions of group members, checkout:

Where To Find the Award Travel 101 Community

For questions, you can join us in the free 100,000+ member Award Travel 101 Community.

  1. For more intermediate and advanced strategies, join Award Travel 201 community
  2. To book time with our team, check out Award Travel 1-on-1.
  3. You can also email us at
  4. Our next meetup is located in San Antonio, TX on April 26–28, 2024, and we’ve opened up a few more tickets for members! To learn more visit Taco 'Bout A Fiesta! on Eventbrite

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