Award Travel 101

40 Cards - Is it Necessary? Will it Ruin You?

September 08, 2023 Season 3 Episode 32
Award Travel 101
40 Cards - Is it Necessary? Will it Ruin You?
Show Notes

 Angie is back with Joe to discuss card offers, news, trip updates, and the answer to whether having so many cards will ruin your credit.

Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 32 Show Notes

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Post of the Week

Krista Wetmore - she was listening to the podcast, and wondered, “he was an AU in his wife’s chase sapphire card. I’ve only seen that this is not a good thing to do. Are there times / reasons this makes sense to do?”




Highlight Feature - 40 Cards - Is it Necessary? Will it Ruin You?

Referring back to Episode 30

  • Let’s Dispel a myth - This isn’t “Free” travel, but you can
  • Build Wealth (Savings) With Credit Cards
    • Bank bonuses
    • Fixed point cashouts
    • Overall goal 
  • Our Credit Scores - low or high?
  • Annual fees - how much do we pay and are there ways to reduce cost?

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Tip of the Week

Alec Legg -

"A weird tip for those who book partner awards and have trouble booking seats. Try putting the PNR on other airline's "manage booking" tool. I just booked China Airlines through KLM and the China Airlines site wouldn't let me choose seats or even let me pull up my record. I read to try Saudia but that didn't work but I tried Garuda Indonesia and it let me pick my seats!"

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