Award Travel 101

Skymiles Devaluation & Managing Pre-Trip Chaos

September 22, 2023 Season 3 Episode 34
Award Travel 101
Skymiles Devaluation & Managing Pre-Trip Chaos
Show Notes

What happens when you're too loyal to a program - are they loyal back? Angie and Joe discuss developments this week, bonuses they've earned, and prepping for travel.

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Post of the Week

Justin Walter had a post about EU261. We spoke about credit card travel protections (Episode 27), but EU261 is totally different.


Save with CardPointers


  • Angie - booked flights and hotels for P2 conference and visiting the kid, booked flights for our Spring meetup in San Antonio
  • Joe - Anniversary / Father son trip


Highlight Feature - Managing the Pre-trip chaos and what has to be done before heading out of town

  • Angie:
    • Make a list!
    • update “in case of death file”
    • Clean the house, laundry, get medicine refills
    • Pre-pack (only for long trips)
    • Girly maintenance stuff
    • Pay all bills that aren’t on autopay (utilities)
    • If P2 is going there’s a whole other list of things

Tip of the Week

Make sure you’re paying attention to your wallet

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