Award Travel 101

Underappreciated Award Currencies

October 13, 2023 Season 3 Episode 37
Award Travel 101
Underappreciated Award Currencies
Show Notes

Angie's back, and she and Joe jump on the pod to discuss the state of Amex, their newest bonuses, trip updates, and under appreciated award currencies.

Post of the week

Pam Turla Rule - transferred points only to find phantom award space


Trip updates

  • Angie- family trip for 2024 + start planning next girls trip
  • Joe - booked Etihad First (13 hours) to AUH for start of Father/Son trip part two. I discuss why I booked two different dates and how much it costs.

What bonuses did we get?

Highlight feature

Are all points equal? Should a member get a 140K IHG offer or take less from the 75K United Business or even less from the 60K Citi Premier?

There are things for which you should have a basic understanding:

  • How much spend until you hit your desired award?
  • Is there outsized value 
  • New card bonuses vs bonus categories vs non-bonus categories
  • Is there a reason to continue spending on a non-bonus card

Do your own comparisons and see which cards offer YOU the best returns.

Tip of the week

Angie - Confirm gate and seat assignments. 

Joe - for the 70, 80, 90, or 100 Hyatt milestone selection, wait until 1/1/24. If you wait until 1/1/24, you’ll extend the validity of the Suite Upgrade Award to 2/28/26. This is just one of the many tips

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