Award Travel 101

QSuites, Longest Flight in the World, and Bali

October 20, 2023 Season 3 Episode 38
Award Travel 101
QSuites, Longest Flight in the World, and Bali
Show Notes

Get Thrifty Traveler Premium deal/award alerts sent straight to your inbox. Use promo code “AT101” for $10 off your first year. Head to for more details and check out their Google Flights guide. Recent finds include:

  • Business class to Rome for 58K
  • Business class to Tokyo for 60K
  • Premium Economy to Europe for 36K R/T

You can find these at

Post of the week

Elizabeth Holmes Hanes posted about needing to up her hotel redemptions. Was she blinded by status when there was a gorgeous Marriott right around the corner?


  • Get Bonus Hilton points -Is it worth purchasing points? There's a 100% bonus, and it could make sense in certain situations.
  • What's going on with certain Award tools? ExpertFlyer and are having issues. Expertflyer is removing all Star Alliance carriers, plus received a cease and desist order from Aeroplan. Is Expertflyer becoming useless?

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Trip updates

  • Angie - has both Australia and a safari booked but can she convince P2 to go?
  • Allison - Still doesn’t love her Brazil flight. 2 options booked - which would you choose? Booked a hotel finally, Hilton Copacabana (5th night free). There was a JW Marriott with similar points price, so why did she choose the Hilton?

What bonuses did we get?

Highlight feature: Bali! Doing a $12k trip for less than $1500 out of pocket plus some points

How we Booked Flights

Both of us booked Qatar (QR) by transferring American Express Membership Rewards to British Airways. 100K plus $202

  • Angie: DPS-SIN 14K Lifemiles plus $40.60 then SIN-JFK for 112.5K transferred from Chase Ultimate Rewards (took FOREVER) to Singapore Airlines (SQ) plus $59.92
  • Allison: Same QR price, DPS-SIN was 8.5K SQ miles +$15.95 (transferred from AMEX), plus Etihad Business Class SIN-AUH-JFK was 87.5K and $122.63 booked through Aeroplan.

How we Booked Hotels

Angie and Allison discuss their Bali Girls Trip:

Tip of the week

Go to meetups to make friends!!

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