Award Travel 101

Chicago Seminars and Zorkfest Recap

October 27, 2023 Season 3 Episode 39
Award Travel 101
Chicago Seminars and Zorkfest Recap
Show Notes

Get Thrifty Traveler Premium deal/award alerts sent straight to your inbox. Use promo code “AT101” for $10 off your first year. Head to for more details and check out their Google Flights guide. Recent finds include:

  • Delta One Business Class to Europe for 39K
  • First Class to Australia for 109K
  • JetBlue Mint for for under $2K R/T to Europe

You can find these at

Post of the week

Angie Sparks - another reminder as to why I love having a cache of points


Trip updates

  • Angie - Took First Flight as a Spirit Gold member
  • Joe - Booked framework for Father/Son trip in 2024

What bonuses did we get?

Highlight feature: It's Meetup Week (Angie at Chicago Seminars & Joe at Zorkfest in Lake Tahoe)

Angie and Joe both met for the first time as Joe was traveling to Angie's hometown, so they both love meetups. Angie went to Chicago Seminars, Joe went out west for Zorkfest. 

Tip of the week

Pay attention to what benefits you are entitled to from your status. Angie learned something she didn't know

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