Award Travel 101

Building Your Point Balances with Justin Vacula

November 24, 2023 Season 3 Episode 43
Award Travel 101
Building Your Point Balances with Justin Vacula
Show Notes

Justin fell into travel rewards programs accidentally as he was working his way through various casino programs. Listen as he and Joe discuss some of the dead deals of the past to learn more about what you can look for in the future.

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  • Air France/KLM Business Class to North Africa for 30K

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Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 43 Show Notes

If you want to hear Part One of this discussion, where Justin interviews me, check out the Hurdy Gurdy Podcast. In this particular episode Justin shares how online poker led him to into travel rewards and loyalty programs. Justin will be speaking at our Spring Meetup in San Antonio on how to use programs most don't discuss to generate more rewards. We'll cover:

  • Background
  • Introduction to travel rewards/loyalty programs
  • Highlights
  • Favorite airline, hotel, credit card programs
  • Deals - "phone army?"
  • The “War on happiness.”

To join Justin's Greater Philadelphia Miles & Points monthly meetups. You can find some interesting takes on casino rewards, miles & points, and Dave Ramsey on the Hurdy Gurdy Travel YouTube Channel. For everything else, check out the Hurdy Gurdy Travel website.

Tip of the week

Check out our instructional video on how to use CardPointers with the Company's founder, Emmanuel Crouvisier. Through Travel Tuesday 11/28/23, Save 50% off CardPointers during their Holiday Special. That means you can get one year for just $30 or a LIFETIME subscription for $100. 

Short-notice meetup

Boarding Area's bloggers Le Chic Geek (a.k.a. Jeanne) and Pizza in Motion (a.k.a. Ed) are pairing up with Trevor from Tagging Miles to do a Toys for Tots drive on Monday 12/4/2023 from 6-9PM. You can find them at

Bar Bao

3100 Clarendon Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201-5301

Joe will be joining the fun, so if you wish to ask for travel advice, meet other travelers, or just come to share the holiday spirit, get your free tickets or check out their Facebook event page for more details.

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