Award Travel 101

How Many Points Did We Earn in 2023

January 12, 2024 Season 3 Episode 50
Award Travel 101
How Many Points Did We Earn in 2023
Show Notes

Get Thrifty Traveler Premium deal/award alerts sent straight to your inbox. Use promo code “AT101” for $10 off your first year. Head to for more details and check out their Google Flights guide. Recent finds include:

  • Business Class to Ireland for 50,000 points
  • Aruba in Mint (lie-flat) for 35,000 points
  • Business Class to Spain for 34,000 miles

You can find these at

Post of the week

Either Tom Coumaris - disappearing in-room coffee makers. How do you get your morning brew?


Trip updates

  • Angie - Focusing more on earning right now while preparing for a move
  • Joe -Decided against NZ. Trying to figure out a winter get-away.

What bonuses did we get?

Highlight feature: 2023 Trip Recaps

  • Angie: 12 new cards (6 and 6) 8 biz, 4 personal
    • SUB (Sign Up Bonuses/Welcome Offers) = 1,435K points
    • Referrals = 390K
    • One checking account bonus for P1 (Player one - her husband)
    • Points used = 1,200K with net increase of 575K points.
    • Doesn’t include normal spend. Loads of Southwest flights and used several Free Night Award
  • Joe: 14 new cards (10 P1 & 4 P2), 43 total
    • SUBs = 1,476K + HH FNA
    • Referrals = 500K
    • 100K from spend
    • 100K from shopping portals
    • $8K in annual fees - $1,500 positive in perks vs annual fees
    • Saves me around $2,700

Tip of the week

It's a new year,  with new credits. We mentioned this back in Episode 45, so use all your credits and perks. Don’t wait!

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