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Award Travel to Forbes

January 19, 2024 Season 3 Episode 51
Award Travel 101
Award Travel to Forbes
Show Notes

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  • Cathay Pacific First class to SE Asia starting at 125K points
  • Business Class to Hawaii 40K points

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Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 51 Show Notes

Joe is joined by the most frequent guest of the podcast, Toni Perkins-Southam. Many of you may remember Toni as the longest-running Award Travel 101 moderator and community admin.

Toni spent almost five years in the community (two years as a community manager) before taking a position with Forbes Advisor. Toni shares how she got her start writing with AwardWallet and continued her journey. Are you interested in writing about travel topics too? Fill out this form to put in your application.

Award Travel 101 from 2017–2022: Longest active mod/admin

What you’ve been up to since leaving

  • Trips
    • Favorite places
    • Wishlist

New Cards

  • Favorite award currencies
  • How you’re earning points today
    • Welcome offers/sign-up bonuses
    • Buyer's groups
    • Shortcuts

Taco ‘Bout A Fiesta: Presenters

Tip of the week

If you are already going crazy, might as well do it someplace cool!

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