Award Travel 101

Strategies for Building Healthy Credit and Better Offers

January 26, 2024 Season 3 Episode 52
Award Travel 101
Strategies for Building Healthy Credit and Better Offers
Show Notes

Get Thrifty Traveler Premium deal/award alerts sent straight to your inbox. Use promo code “AT101” for $10 off your first year. Head to for more details and check out their Google Flights guide. Recent finds include:

  • Business Class to Europe for 55K points
  • Premium Economy to Singapore for $1,249 R/T
  • Business Class to Portugal for 45K miles

You can find these at

Post of the week

Beth Hanes Product changing gone wrong - Why does Chase hate me?
John Buchan - Is there an over-emphasis on the Chase Ink sign ups?


Trip updates

  • Angie -
    • Tulip girls coming to Tampa for Gasparilla
    • Keeps checking for flights to "Taco 'Bout a Fiesta" San Antonio meetup
    • Looking at flights for Montana-would love to piggyback a trip with P2
    • P2 mentioned he’d love to do a cruise
  • Joe -

What bonuses did we get?

Highlight feature: Strategies for Building Healthy Credit and Better Offers

Tip of the week

Don’t sleep on lesser known partner programs. I provided an example of how you can use Etihad Guest miles for less in Award Travel 201. FULL DISCLOSURE - it is a subscription group, and runs from $9.99 monthly to $89.99 annually AND provides complimentary AwardWallet Plus.

Where To Find the Award Travel 101 Community

For questions, you can join us in the free 100,000+ member Award Travel 101 Community.

  1. For more intermediate and advanced strategies, join Award Travel 201 community
  2. To book time with our team, check out Award Travel 1-on-1.
  3. You can also email us at
  4. Our next meetup is located in San Antonio, TX on April 26–28, 2024, and we’ve opened up a few more tickets for members! To learn more visit Taco 'Bout A Fiesta! on Eventbrite

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