Award Travel 101

Close-in Booking with Allison Tackette

February 02, 2024 Season 3 Episode 53
Award Travel 101
Close-in Booking with Allison Tackette
Show Notes

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Award Travel 101 Podcast Episode 53 Show Notes

We're changing up this week's format, with our very first member interview. Award Travel 101 community member Allison Tackette joins us with tips she's learned over 10 years in the space.


Allison is a former teacher who wanted to get out and see the world, but her time off in the summer often resulted in finding peak season pricing. Travel CAN be expensive if you're always paying cash, but pushing people to the brink helps them get creative!

Introduction to travel rewards and loyalty programs

Is it as simple as asking how to travel for free? In 2013, information was far more scarce than it is today. Now we have tons of resources and the Award Travel 101 Facebook community where you can ask questions and get instant answers.  

Places You Could Return Over and Over

While she enjoys traveling the world, check out why she thinks Japan is the place she could never lose interest in.

Travel style

Allison travels primarily as a solo traveler, but she does travel with family on occasion too.


Is there anything better than First Class for your first significant redemption? Can you believe that the redemption she made years and years ago, is still the same cost today?

Highlight Feature - Can I book travel inside 60 days (or less)?

Which programs offer you the greatest flexibility? Use these to set yourself up and keep looking as you get close-in. Some of the most aspirational flights and airlines might be found inside 14 days or less including:

Tip of the week

Use tools like or to simplify your searches. Check out Episode 19 "The Tools We Use"

Where  You Can Find Allison

Instagram: @luckytictac

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