Award Travel 101

Flexible Over Fixed Points

February 16, 2024 Season 3 Episode 55
Award Travel 101
Flexible Over Fixed Points
Show Notes

 The Award Travel 101 Podcast is brought to you in part by Thrifty Traveler Premium. Get Thrifty Traveler Premium deal/award alerts sent straight to your inbox. Use promo code “AT10” for $10 off your first year. Recent finds include:

  • Qatar First Class "Nerd Alert" to Australia for 100,000 points
  • JetBlue Mint to London, England for $1,856 round-trip
  • Business Class to Paris for 50,000 miles

You can find these at 

Marianne Michalek Shovan - Why is my car rental more expensive with Amex Discount Code than without?


Trip updates

  • Angie
    • nothing new (again)
  • Joe
    • Used 5.5K Virgin miles (per person) to fly Seoul to Jeju Island on Korean (KE) saving over $310 each way. It totaled 13,000 points total for 3 of us (16,5000 with 30% speculative transfer bonus) each way.  25,385 Membership Rewards converted to 33,000 Virgin Flying Club Points to save $620 on our travels.
    • Should I use points or cash for Hyatt hotels in S. Korea?
    • Applied Suite Upgrade Awards to Grand Hyatt Jeju and Grand Hyatt Seoul

What bonuses did we get?

  • Angie
    • Waiting for Wyndham offer to post.
    • Waiting for Amex Business checking bonus.
    • Approved for Bank of America Alaska card
    • P2 not denied for Venture X Business
    • So putting spend on 0% apr cards for right now
  • Joe

Highlight feature: Transferable Over Fixed Points

Tip of the week

Be flexible with your card strategy and don’t take denials personally. It happens to everybody at some point in this hobby so be prepared to pivot to a new card or your existing portfolio.

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