March 10, 2019 Tom Hirsch Season 2019 Episode 1
Show Notes


Podcast Show Notes

Date: Sunday, March 10, 2019

Episode:   001


Subtitle:      Ten Common Ceremonial Rituals

Length:            00:21:30

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In this episode we spend a couple minutes talking about the concept of the show, plans for its future, and ten common traditions often seen in contemporary weddings that will help you decide which ceremonial ritual will be meaningful for your as a couple.

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In this episode we discuss:

●       Jumping the Broom

●       Unity Candle

●       Sand Ceremony

●       Love Letters (a.k.a. “The Fight Box”)

●       Ring Warming

●       Wine Sipping

●       Breaking the Glass

●       Hand Fasting

●       Foot Washing

●       Bury the Bourbon!

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●       To Be Determined

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 This episode’s question is:

Q.        What tradition, if any, did you and your beloved include into your wedding ceremony? 

Q.        What tradition would you like to have included in the show?

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