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New Zealand Labour Party: Set for a Landslide?

October 09, 2020
The Young Fabians Podcast
New Zealand Labour Party: Set for a Landslide?
Show Notes

With just a week to go until New Zealand's general election, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party seem set for a historic victory after a campaign focused on their highly effective response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

This week we spoke to Kiri Allan, a New Zealand Labour Party MP and Samantha Wood, the President of New Zealand Young Labour about their successes within their time in government, what a victory in the upcoming election would mean for them as well as what the UK Labour Party and other left-wing parties around the world can learn from the NZ Labour Party.

We also spoke to Joe Pagani, a former Comms Advisor at Progressive Centre UK and New Zealand Labour Party activist, who gave us more of an insight into the campaign trail and the vast support from the public garnered by Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party.

Kiri Allan - NZ Labour Party MP
Samantha Wood - President of NZ Young Labour
Joe Pagani - former Comms Advisor, Progressive Centre UK and NZ Labour Party activist

Hosted by
Hollie Wickens - International Officer, Young Fabians
Louie Marlow - Content Producer, Young Fabians

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